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Real Estate Appraisers Errors and Omissions Insurance - E&O

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Landy Insurance Appraisers E&O insurance has been developed specifically for Individual Appraisers acting as Residential, Commercial and Trainee Real Estate Appraisers. The application features a simple, self-rating format designed for ease of use. Covered Real Estate Appraisal services include reviews, measurement assignments, desktop appraisals, eminent domain, right-of-way and hybrid assignments.

Applications and Specimen Policies by State
for Individual Real Estate Appraisers

Betay Magnuson: Why Appraiser's E&O?

Appraisers E&O Coverage is available with:

    check_circle Limits up to $1,000,000/$2,000,000
    check_circle $0 deductible*
    check_circle Automatic $25,000 liability limit for trainees included*
    check_circle Trainees needing higher limits are eligible to purchase their own policy
    check_circle $100,000 Bodily Injury/Property Damage Included*
    check_circle $25,000 Drone Usage Bodily injury/Property Damage Coverage*
    check_circle See our Appraiser Highlights for complete program features
    *Coverage may not be available in all states.

Common Appraiser E&O Questions

Can my client get Prior Acts Coverage?
The Landy Insurance E&O program includes Prior Acts (Retroactive) coverage at No Additional Premium with proof of continuous coverage.

Do you have a program for Appraiser Trainees?
Liability coverage for Appraiser Trainees automatically applies, with $25,000 of liability coverage for the Trainee included at no additional cost (pending State approval). Appraiser Trainees are also eligible to purchase their own Errors & Omissions Insurance.

What if a licensing board complaint has been filed against my client?
Real Estate Appraisers who have experienced a licensing board complaint may still be eligible for Landy’s Individual Appraiser E&O Insurance. You may submit the application and include a copy of the original complaint, Appraiser’s response and final resolution for underwriting review. Please do not include any premium payment until notified by a Landy Insurance underwriter.

Can coverage be obtained for Appraisal Firms with more than one Appraiser, or who provide additional Real Estate services?
Yes. Coverage is available in our Real Estate Professionals program for Appraisal firms with multiple appraisers or who provide additional services such as sales or property management. Use our Real Estate Professionals Application and Supplement to obtain a quote.

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