Real Estate Agents and Brokers
Which Application Is Right For You?

Qualifications for Real Estate Express Application


    • Revenues do not exceed $500,000 over the last three (3) years.
    • No Property Management, Appraisal, Mortgage Brokering or Development or Construction Services.
    • No claims, disciplinary actions, license revocations or cancellation or denial of coverage within the last five (5) years.
    • No single client represents more than 50% of the firms overall gross revenues.
    • No exclusive listing agreements with a builder or developer.
    • No services relating to pre-foreclosed or bank owned properties that include involvement in any eviction procedures, delivering or negotiating cash for keys or property rehabilitation.

    If you can answer “true” to the 7 qualifying questions on the application you are eligible for the Express Application and rates. For qualifying states, 2 year policy options are available.

  • For ALL OTHER FIRMS: Please complete our Standard Real Estate Agents and Brokers Application.

    If you cannot answer “true” to all seven (7) qualifying questions, please complete our Standard Real Estate Agents and Brokers Application and any applicable section of the Other Services Supplement.