Worker's Compensation Insurance

What is Worker's Compensation Insurance?

Worker's Compensation provides medical care and compensation for employees who are injured on the job. In most states, Employers are mandated to carry Worker's Compensation Insurance.

Do I Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

  • If you have employees, you need worker's compensation

  • Who will pay for your employees medical expenses if they are
    injured on the job?

  • Who will pay for their loss of income while they are recuperating
    from an injury?

Worker's Compensation Policy Highlights

  • Coverage provided by A+ Rated carriers
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Package policies for both Business Owner and Workers Compensation Insurance are also available

Applying for Worker's Compensation coverage is easy. All we will need is the following:

  • Total company payroll
  • Classes of employees (Appraisers, Accountants, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Clerical, etc.)
  • Payroll for each class of employee
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This document has been prepared for illustrative purposes only. The policy will govern the terms and conditions of the insurance coverage that is provided.